Ann Arbor is a tricky place to put your finger on. Having now lived here for a quarter of my life, I've definitely spent my share of time trying. Yes, it is home to my alma mater and the birthplace of Zingerman's. But, at its core, lies something much deeper. After talking to everyone from friends, customers, co-workers, and family, they all tend to say the same thing: "There is just something about this place." The biggest little city in the middle. 

On Sunday, I am leaving Ann Arbor and moving to Chicago. As much excitement as I feel surrounding this change, I've noticed that my head hasn't caught up with my body yet. Moving logistics are set, boxes (mostly) packed, subletter locked down, but all I find my mind wandering to are summers tanning on the docks along the Argo River. Scribbling down hundreds of sandwich orders at Zingerman's on the first football game of the year. Ordering takeout from my favorite Indian restaurant. Going to midnight movie showings at the State Theater. Shopping at the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. Falling in love my sophomore year of college and breaking up my sophomore year of adult life. Learning to live alone. Starting this blog. The list goes on. 

As it does with most people who visit, Ann Arbor completely won over my heart and has felt more like a close friend these past six years than just my home. It has seen me through great and not so great times and ultimately made me into the person I want to be. Since words hardly do this place justice, I thought some photos might help sum things up.

Thanks for the memories, Ann Arbor. Its been quite the ride. Don't ever change. xo